AOL Advertising Takes Salesforce To Court

How far would you go for $20,000? Because AOL Advertising is going all the way with its allegation that it was not provided for the goods and services it was promised.

The corporation claims that owes it twenty large ones.

That is because, in a complaint filed on March 30 in the San Francisco Country Superior Court against Inc., formerly known as, AOL Advertising Inc. alleges that the latter failed to settle their debt.

The plaintiff claims that the defendants are indebted to them for goods and services provided, and have failed to pay the amount of nearly $20,000.

$19,553.28 to be exact, plus the interest rate of 10%, and attorney’s fees of $1,000 and any and all legal fees and other relief as the court deems just. Lorna Walker of Sweet & Walker PC in Daly City is representing.

Surprising to see, large corporations going to court over this small an amount — it’s not like this is a case involving millions of dollars. Nevertheless, the accusations are official now, the complained filed, and the court will now move.

Details of how this litigation proceeds will, hopefully, soon be with us, on how exactly does Salesforce owes AOL Advertising this abovementioned amount.

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