Salesforce Believes AI Is The Next Big Thing For The Enterprise

According to the CRM giant, AI, is starting to change customer expectations, and the technology is now ready for prime time. Salesforce World Tour, apparently, was all about artificial intelligence.

Delegates at the New York, NY, stop of the Salesforce World Tour talked about how this once far-off technology, once best associated with science fiction, is now making a name for itself in various sectors, including financial services, insurance and retail.

Organizations are already showing a keen interest on tapping into this emerging technology, and finding out how they can leverage AI to make money in their business.

Amy Weaver, president, legal and general counsel at Salesforce, the march towards AI is changing customer expectations. She was speaking at the opening keynote of the event:

“They are living in a smarter, faster, more connected world, and this really brings us to the age of the customer. Salesforce customers across all of our products are using this as an opportunity to put their customers right in the center of everything they’re doing.”

As for the technology itself, as AI gets bigger and smarter, it is being tasked to handle everything from self-driving cars to millions of dollars’ worth of wealth and customer interactions independently.

Smart algorithms and intelligent technology are becoming commonplace in the workspace.

And while the presence of AI continues to grow in numerous industries, Salesforce believes that AI users will continue to be challenged by how to best use the data retrieved from artificial intelligence to benefit their organizations.

The big question, then, at the dawn of the age of AI.

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