Salesforce Meets Its Energy Goal 33 Years Sooner Than Promised

Net zero. The company may have pledged to offset all its emissions by 2050, but apparently, this was the case of easier done than said, as Salesforce has achieved its goal 33 years early.

On top of that, the firm has taken its initiative past direct links the operations and uses of the company, successfully ensuring that the manufacturing of its servers, operating data centers, and access to its platform via personal electronic devices are carbon neutral as well.

Basically, with Salesforce hitting these milestone achievements, it can now function as a carbon neutral cloud, while also furthering its ongoing sustainability goals.

As Mark Hawkins, Salesforce Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer explains:

“Achieving net-zero emissions is a tremendous and important achievement that is also good for business. By embracing sustainability across every aspect of our business, Salesforce is cutting costs and reaching new levels of efficiency.”

To make its goal a reality, Salesforce underwent a thorough analysis of each department in order to determine what expenses could be reduced or cut entirely. The company did this by enlisting the help of third parties, and purchasing carbon credits from development projects in Honduras and India.

The company has also developed what it has dubbed ‘multi-tenant architecture’ that can host separate client information together on the same server.

This, Salesforce, claims, is 50 times more efficient than standard designs.

Good going for a company that is known more for creating nifty business software. And a timely achievement as organizations continue to embrace renewable energy solutions carbon neutral footprints.

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