Salesforce AppExchange Upgraded With New Features For Vendors

Salesforce AppExchange has picked up a range of new vendor facing upgrades, with improvements that benefit both companies and ISVs that are building their solutions on AppExchange

These developers now have access to more tools, with lower pricing.

The AppExchange platform has grown from humble beginnings — it had just a hundred or so applications a couple of years back, but now houses several thousand apps. Proof that the company can attract third-party developers to create applications that improve its CRM platform.

In fact, it was just last week that Salesforce took steps that it hopes will foster further overall growth of its platform, and help to nurture smaller app developers. Steps that have seen it reserve $100 million in a new fund for these solution providers.

Salesforce has also revised several of these components for third-party vendors and independent software vendors (ISVs) that are building their apps on AppExchange.

Starting with, lowering of the percent net revenue for all vendors from 25% to 15%. This, the company hopes will make it easier for startups to build and focus on coding, rather than worrying about revenue.

Along with this is the AppExchange Partner Program that will enhance the visibility of popular applications, though there are developers that believe Salesforce could still do a better job in highlighting the best applications to companies.

Developers are also getting a range of new tools that will enable them to get to market quicker

Tools like the Onboarding Wizard that has been designed to provide partners with automated guides and checklists, thereby reducing the manual entry needed. There is also the Salesforce DX to help developers speed up the delivery of their apps.

Salesforce will reveal the pricing and availability on these products at a later date this year

The company is also yet to detail the consumer facing upgrades that it is designing for Salesforce AppExchange, and though it has promised some big changes, chances are that we will only get to hear about them at the Dreamforce conference, the largest Salesforce event.

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