Salesforce Tower To Show Off Nation’s Tallest Public Art

And now for something a little more, shall we say, artistic. Salesforce Tower has already changed the San Francisco skyline as the second tallest building in California.

But when it opens this July, it will also have something else that sets it apart.

The building will also be topped with a brilliantly dynamic, twinkling LED display, nine stories tall. Pretty much making it the tallest public art installation in the United States.

At least, that’s what they are touting it is.

The project was revealed last week, is part of San Francisco’s ‘1 Percent for Art’ program that forces developers of a major downtown project to spend at least one percent of the cost of each project on public art, or make an equivalent cash contribution to the Public Art Trust.

Local artist Jim Campbell, 61, has been working on this project for three years from his Dogpatch studio.

Designed with a budget of $4 million, the massive artwork will require an estimated 11,000 LED lights in any number of colors and combination that will be placed on the unoccupied top nine floors of the skyscraper where they will sync to project unique images to the city below, each night.

Campbell, an electrical engineer from MIT, designed chips for technology firms. He became a full-time artist nine years ago, and believes this will be a diary of the day that the city will only see at night:

“The end result will be a slow, meditative moving image display that connects to the city in a direct way.”

Unique images will be projected, some prerecorded, but many of them will actually be photos from earlier that day that are to be sent to the installation via six cameras posted around the city to capture people on the streets as well as the Pacific Ocean.

Salesforce also put up its sign late last month on the former Chase Tower in Indianapolis.

At 1,070 feet, the Salesforce Tower at the corner of the First and Mission streets is all set to be the second tallest building in California, and the 12th tallest in the country.

And the artwork display will make it perhaps the most unique.

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