What is Salesforce.com?


This page is designed to help you answer the question – what is Salesforce.com?

If you’ve been asking the question what is Salesforce.com?, then you’re in luck. This article is the perfect introduction to the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) system.

You will get the big picture on Salesforce, its various editions, the key systems and features, as well as the direction the company is heading.

Salesforce was not the first CRM system to hit the market, but the fact that it was designed from the ground up as an Internet service that is immediately available anytime and anywhere, helped it distinguish itself from competitors.

Its success has already spawned a whole new marketplace of full business applications that are coded in the cloud.

Before we get to what Salesforce.com can do for you, let’s take a very quick look at how it was founded.

What is salesforce.com? – A little history lesson

Former Oracle executive Marc Benioff founded Salesforce.com in 1999, along with Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez.

The company grew from a startup in a rented apartment to one of the fastest growing companies in the world in less than a decade.

It not only survived the dotcom implosion of 2001, but went to define itself as a leader in cloud computing.

marc benioff

As of early 2016, its market capitalization is said to be above $55 billion, making it one of the most valued cloud computing firms currently operating.

But less statistics, more talk about what Salesforce.com can do for you.

What’s the big idea?

The gist of what Salesforce.com is all about, is offering a web-based application to help employees and businesses manage their sales, marketing and customer service — all running in the cloud.

This concept is more commonly known as software-as-a-service.

SaaS, for short.

Basically, Salesforce.com brings together various components that sales representatives can use to manage their leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

Sales managers, on the other hand, can put the platform to use to track team activities and pipelines, while also pinpointing important deals and key meetings.

Marketers can use Salesforce to manage campaigns and track leads. They can also use social media to interact.

Members of the executive team, can not only use Salesforce for internal collaboration, but also to measure the overall success of their business.

In short, there is something for everyone here, in what is one of the most in-depth CRM platforms ever designed.

And since Salesforce is an Internet based service, the company updates the platform and offer new releases about three times a year.

This allows the firm to rollout new features and options at a much faster pace than competing providers, and ensures that users are always running the newest versions.

Various versions

Salesforce is offered in a number of distinctly different variants. If you’re already a Salesforce user, then you can look at the top of your browser after logging in to find out which edition you have.

Currently, there are five versions of the Salesforce.com service, with each version varying by feature and functionality, but sporting the same consistent look and feel. The user interfaces are continually refreshed, but each update retains the familiarity.

Here is a very quick breakdown of the various editions.

  • Contact Manager: A barebones account and contact management application.
  • Group: The company’s basic CRM offering that allows users to track leads and opportunities.
  • Professional: A very through CRM for an organization that has processes down in place. It can allow tracking of leads and opportunities. Managers can get an overview of key metrics at a glance via the provided dashboard.
  • Enterprise: Complex organizations can use this version to gain even more sales and service functionality, with the ability to integrate with other systems in their company.
  • Performance: This variant provides even more customization capabilities, and is best suited for organizations that have a full team of dedicated professionals to take advantage of all the options that this version offers.

Is Salesforce for me?

While Salesforce may provide an extremely powerful catalyst of success for you or your company, the ultimate question is what value do you put on your relationships.

For most organizations, few things are more important than their existing partner and customer base.

Is Salesforce for me?

This is where Salesforce comes in — as a tool that can truly help you manage your relationships, the partners and customers that you may have spent years to build and nurture.

And best of all, the platform is unique in how fast, easy and effective it is. You can be up and running in weeks, instead of months and years.

The ease-of-use means that people in your organization spend less time figuring it out and more time using it. Plus, Salesforce can be customized quickly to meet the business needs of your company.

So, this is the briefest of overviews of what Salesforce is, the basics of the CRM platform, and what it can do for businesses and enterprises.

It only scratches the surface, but should, at least, help you get an idea of what the company offers.